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[sticky post] FRIENDS ONLY.

Hi =D
This is luvkangta .
As you can see, this is my writing journal.
All~  of my fics can be found in here.

If you are interested to read whatever that I have written, please do leave a comment here and I will add you into my friend list. =D

And make sure you add me in your list too! XD

Uh huh, I'm here!

[oneshot] A Closure...When 5 Became 2.

Title: A Closure...When 5 Became 2.
Pairing: HoMin. With JaeYooSu hovering in the dark.
Rating: PG.
Genre: Bittersweet.
Summary: When Yunho and Changmin finally speak to each other about it.
A/N: It has been years since I last wrote. About Yunjae, about DBSK. I wrote this without a plan, without knowing I would be writing and finishing it. I just wrote this, a while ago, in one sitting. This oneshot is not about Yunjae, so I don't find it appropriate to post it in a Yunjae community, which I used to always do so. In fact, I decided not to post it in any community. This oneshot has come pretty late for me, and it is so personal that I shall just share it in my page. I wonder who will be reading this, since I haven't ben posting for years, haha. But still...

It was tough to write about DBSK again. Being a fan since 2004, DBSK is an important part of my growing up. And through them, I discovered my passion of writing, and met many many awesome people in the fandom. Amazing.
I thought I would never write again after Pandora's Box. I have finished Pandora's Box with great pain after it had happened in 2009. I feel that I need a closure, not to forget them, but to resolve this...DBSK-issue within me.
I still love my boys, and I will always do. They are too much of a part of me to not love.

All the best to the 5 of you, regardless of the paths you have chosen, with or without each other. I love you, DBSK. Thank you for being with me for the past ten years. Saranghae.

Jung Yunho thinks that he needs a closure to it.Collapse )

[QN] Question on Pandora's Box

Any questions after reading the last chapter of Pandora's Box? If yes, ask away!

[Drabble] A Bath Is All We Need

Title: A Bath Is All We Need
Pairing: YunJae 
Rating: PG (GASP. Yes, me, PG! woot) 
Genre: Slight, slight fluff. 
Summary: An arugment before a bath.
A/N: Was trying to update another fic but the flow just isn't right. Has been raining non-stop for the whole day and so i thought a warm bath will be a great idea. ...well, wth am i talking about, this is a drabble anyways, ANWAYS, for once my Yunnie is weaker than Jae! and and and ... am kinda proud of myself cos i wrote this in 30mins (roughly). quite a personal feat for me, considering my snail-like speed. Hope you will like it. ;)

Sometimes Jaejoong wishes he can strangle the other man to his death.Collapse )



uh. dearies, i need some help here.


this kenise person stole my fic The Path to Make You Love Me (stupid title, i know) for..more than a year? and i just found out =.=

what am i supposed to do about it?

I should be Shot.

I should be shot.

My sincerest apology .. =x

I thought..no one was really waiting for Pandora's Box, and thus I spend more of my time on personal stuff, taking longer time to write the next chapter.

I'm really sorry.

I have just started a new chapter in life, and thus still in the stage of adjusting.

It really put me into shame when I realised someone is really waiting for another update.

i'm really sorry =x I really didn't..believe. Because. I know Pandora's Box is being ridiculously long and taking effing longer time than normal fics to update. i thought most readers have given up. cos feeling do fade.

But please believe in me! I have no intention at all in giving up on my fics. I swear, I will finish Pandora's Box, because I want to. It's my dear baby, i have spent so much time nurturing it and nurturing myself in the process.

I am still struggling with some personal stuff, those are really being tough on me (to the extent that sometimes i turned emo-ish and wanna escape from reality) but I have already planned to update the next chapter around the third week or fourth week of October.

Please continue to be with me!

But to those who have already given up on me, I understand completely =x
....but..please do not tell me. T_T

and..i received a few messages of encouragement and patience, really, thank you so much. those are really my source of encouragement and motivation.

Please wait for me!



[FIC] Pandora's Box .59.

Title: Pandora's Box
Pairing: YunJae and more
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst. Drama. Romance.
Summary: There are many different forms of love. And this you are reading now, speaks a love of destruction.
A/N: WOOT PEOPLE! Miss me? LOL. Sorry, am feeling super excited now cos I just found my aim in life! How does me being a pyschotherapist sound to you?
Okay, end of randomness (just trying to share my joy of finally found THE direction in my life).
In the coming Aug 22, for those sweeties who have been with me for so shitting long all these years, is PB's 3rd Anniversary~!
I know I am like a snail when updating in recent years..but please understand the mental stress this fic has on my fragile soul. XD
Let's pray for this fic to finish on Aug 22 itself
Thank you so much if you're still waiting and anticipating and following this fic, here is the ..uh, second last chapter of their pathetic past =)
This chapter will be a tad boring, but I promise it will get better, especially the very last chapter *evil long laugh*


.59.Collapse )

Updates. On Me.

Hi Everyone.

Sorry it has been such a long..more than long perhaps. sorry it has been so fklndsilfvndsilfhilsafn looooooong since i have updated any. i know this is gonna be some same old story again, but my computer has crashed a couple of months ago, all my files are gone, included all my fics that are stored in Word. Now, i can only depend on this writing journal to retrieve my old fics, but ..a few fics which i have not posted here or anywhere, plus a few updates i have written and not posted yet, could never be retrieved.

I will try to copy and paste all my fics in here into Word..but. Somehow, my computer refuses to allow access for my account to Word. But my bro's works well! LIFE IS CRAP.

..and so. while trying to still summon my muses back (they have long went on a holiday when everything happened), i'll try to install a new Word (if i could find anyone around me that has the software) and in the meanwhile..

i have been thinking.

i wonder how many people over here are still following this journal, or how many people over here actually adds this journal for fun or for the sake of adding but has never really gone down to read any fics stored in here.

and while i was browsing through this journal a while back, trying to go through all the tags i have made, which sadly, i realised that i have failed to tag LOT ..this is so tiring. why must my sucky computer crashed on me. or why did i not do some backups?


this journal is my backup. 

looking at the long (i am really happy to see so many) list, i was wondering whether i should turn this writing journal into a writing community instead. in the past i do not see the need to do so since i would be online every single day, but it seems kinda impossible now, with my job creating such a toll on me. plus some of my personal life.

so. i was thinking, for those who have been requesting to be part of this journal so that they could have the access to read the locked fics, i'm so sorry that sometimes i took so many days to reply to your friends request. so i was wondering, should i continue to keep this writing journal or should i transfer everything into a writing community?

what do you girls/guys think?

if anyone is still here =)

[Drabble] So Be It

Title: So Be IT
Pairing: YunJae
Genre: Slight Fluff?
Rating: PG
A/N: OMG I WROTE A PG DRABBLE. It has been a long while (not the PG but a fic), and so, please bear with me. I'm trying to get my muses and writing urge back without typing them in my favourtie Mircosoft Word which was lost when my computer crashed. Yes, damn, cos all fics stored in my computer are lost, but hi, i'm back ♥

There are times - a whole lot of times - when Jaejoong almost looked down upon himself, despite the fact that he thinks he is blissfully in love.Collapse )There are times - a whole lot of times - when Jaejoong almost looked down upon himself, despite the fact that he thinks he is blissfully in love.Collapse )


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